Anticipating Coraline

My son Connor and I are really looking forward to seeing the movie "Coraline" by director Henry Selick famous for his work on The Nightmare before Christmas.
I've always loved anything 3D stop-motion animated. I think it began when I watched "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" as a child. I remember intensely looking at every little detail, trying to figure out how they did that!
I've also always been a long time fan of Jim Henson and The Henson Company. I still have the original Life magazine with Kermit on the front, when Jim died May, 1990.
The talented animators, artisans and puppet fabricators create images on screen that are truly entertaining and inspiring!
One day I'd love to have my funny little kids characters brought to life by either of these companies.
Ya never know what's around the corner!
Go see the movie on Feb 6th and soak in everything on the screen. Look at all the little details, all created by hand!
This photo is a Coraline puppet encased in glass on display on Portland.

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