Back from the Atlanta Show

What a show! I had so much fun in Atlanta. I ran around meeting all the fantastic companies that I paint for. Checked out my new 09 products and met my wonderfully creative friends like Dan DiPaolo and Elizabeth Tipton.
Would you believe I stayed on the 62nd floor of the Westin downtown. My ears popped everytime I rode the elevator. The show was very busy. Lots of action and excitement, which was great to see! I enjoyed my signing at Blossom Bucket on Sunday. So nice to meet customers that get so excited about your characters and designs. I also met Suzi Skoglund and Barbara Lloyd, both amazing Blossom Bucket artists.
The crew at Evergreen Enterprises were a real "hoot" and I can't wait to see all the incredible products and ideas they have in store for 2010!
Gotta run, tons of deadlines to meet!
Keep Smiling!

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