Using props and risers

I've received several emails from retailers requesting information on how I propped my products for the show. Here are a few fun and inexpensive ideas anyone could do and reuse for each season.

My hubby cut several 4 x 4 risers for me in different heights. We did a quick spray of white paint that actually soaks right into the wood giving a more weathered look. These are perfect for adding height and interest to a table.
A few sprigs of real pine spread around the table adds a nice scent and a festive touch.

I covered my table with white crushed velvet for a shimmery snow feeling. Fabric land had it on sale for $5/metre. Then I used an old sleigh in the middle for height and interest. The wood risers matched the sleigh perfectly, allowing me to highlight certain pieces.

Boxes from the Blossom Bucket product are perfect risers as well. I used them under the crushed velvet for different heights. A few white twinkle lights and a quick sprinkle of snow glitter made the displays come alive!
I used Blossom Bucket ads and magazine covers for added interest! Many people were especially interested in Santa's wagon after seeing he had made the cover of C.B. magazine.

This was an old gun cabinet we found. Scott put shelving and lighting inside and we gave it a coat of flat black paint. Then I sanded the edges and whaaa laaa! A perfect cabinet to showcase my Nature's Blessings collection. Again I used some crushed velvet on the shelves for snow. The light bouces off the velvet making it shimmer, perfect for a wintery wonderland affect.
For the garden flags, I used a tall twig ladder to hang them and I also used an old wagon sitting on the floor with my stationary pieces. Garden centres, antique shops and yard sales are all perfect places to find fabulous props!
I hope these ideas helped! Keep smiling, Robin

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