Artist Gathering at DiPaolo Farm

My wonderful creative friends that gathered at Dan DiPaolo's farm. Sherri Buck Baldwin, Paula Joerling, Ellen and Bill Stouffer, Jamey, Dan and myself. Missing from the photo are John and Mary Anne Slobodnik who had to get back on the road due to the heavy fog we had that day.
Susan January and Michael Rhoda from Lean'in Tree along with artist Nita Showers.
Thank you Susan and Michael for coming to meet with all of us. Next time we promise to get you a GPS! LOL

My wonderfully talented artist friend Paula Joerling who sure can belt out a showtune!! You go girl!! "The hills are alive with the sound of"

Dan and Jamey had an amazing lunch catered by a local cafe. It was scrumptious!!

The fog sure made for some interesting shots around the farm. Paula and I ventured out to take some photos. The animals were sure happy to see us, especially all the kitties that followed us looking for a little scratch or two.
I had such a great time with my friends and I look forward to meeting again soon!
Thank you Dan and Jamey! Luv ya both very much!

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