Nature Babies

As spring seems to be in the air, I'm drawn to all things green, glorious and new! I sit in the studio staring out my large windows watching the squirrels collecting items for their nests. I can see all the robins searching for worms and the trees are budding with new leaves.
When I was a little girl, I would head into the forests beyond our cottage and picture a world of tiny people that lived amongst the trees, leaves, moss and mushrooms. So small, most people didn't even know they were there. Reflecting on my imagination as a child, usually ends up filling a sketchbook with doodles. So I wanted to share one of my "Nature Babies" with you. She is bundled up tight ready for a nap, holding on to her ladybug doll that her Grandma made.
So look closely as you begin to garden, there may be something wonderous living amongst your trees and flowers! Keep smiling, Robin

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