Fear, Courage and Authenticity!

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I signed up for Kelly Rae Roberts e-course which started May 30th! I am loving every minute and I can't wait for the next class, which is on Wed or Thurs. By the way, you can still join in on this creative, inspiring, heartfilled adventure...just click the link I've attached on the sidebar!
Kelly writes with true honesty...right from her heart and deep within her soul. Her words resinate with all of us that want to find our true authentic creative selves.
I sit in my studio all day, drawing, painting and designing. Do I love what I do, YES! But everyday has it's challenges. Everyday, I ask myself "am I painting what I love...am I painting what comes from my heart?"
Sometimes in this licensing world, you can get caught in the whirlwind of painting all the things the companies and magazines are telling you to!
My work is the best, when it means soemthing to ME! When the message from my heart is all over my canvas!
Thank you Kelly for inspiring all of us to create from our hearts and not our heads!!
Today Kelly introduced us to Dr. Brene Brown. I love her blog and I especially loved watching her video on "More Honsety and Less How-to!" Click on her link above, take 10 minutes and watch the video, everything she says is true for all of us!!
Much love, Robin

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