Back from Atlanta!

Nature's Blessings Collection with Blossom Bucket
Family Collection

Well I have returned from The Atlanta Gift Mart and the studio is absolutely crazy!
Crazy in a good way! Lots of art flying out the door with NEW companies that I am very excited to work with. I had such an incredible reaction to all my new work, including The Ocean Series, Mother's Heart, Family Dinner and more! I couldn't be more thrilled!
I did go snap happy and took a ton of pictures, so I promise to post over the next few days showing you all the fun we had.
Above are photos from my Blossom Bucket resin figure lines. There are NEW angels in the Nature's Blessings collection and on the top of the display are pieces from The Family collection which include a sentimental verse on each piece! The quality is beautiful and colors are wonderful! I couldn't be happier!
Stay tuned for more exciting pics this week!!

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