Pictures from The Atlanta Gift Mart

My creative best friends, Jamey Berger, Dan Dipaolo and Paula Joerling!
My Fall 2011 with Blossom Bucket! Now aren't they adorable? If I do say so myself? LOL!!
I love the plush that Blossom Bucket is creating!! Here's just a couple pieces they created from my designs .... so delightful!!
Ocean series with Creative Co-op!! Wall decor, large glass bird feeder and paper weights! To say I was excited about this collection, is an understatement! LOL! Creative Co-op really does a beautiful job!
Mother's Heart collection with Creative Co-op!! Wall decor, beautiful fabric journals with embellishment and glass paper weights! Wonderful!!
Christmas collection for 2011 with Evergreen Enterprises! Fabulous tabletop and home decor pieces! I was so thrilled!!
My snowman top hat wine cooler made the cover of the 2011 catalogue! Exciting!!
Legacy 2012 Heaven on Earth Angel calendar!! Beautifully produced!! Each angel is also in resin from Blossom Bucket!
Legacy boxed Christmas cards for 2011!!
Sunset Vista 2011 Tin garden ornaments, garden stakes and more!! I was so delighted when I saw the Halloween collection!
Well honestly I took a ton of photos in Atlanta! These are just a few! I promise to keep posting more pictures from the show and evening gatherings!! Thank you to all my wonderful friends and followers for such a fabulous show!! I couldn't be more excited about 2011!! Stay tuned!!

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