My Hysterectomy Experience

So I was wondering whether I should post about my Hysterectomy or not? But I decided "why not". It was the first surgery I ever had and I was scared to death! It seems that when I hit my 40's things sure started to change with my body! Harder to lose weight, wrinkles started to appear and all of a sudden my periods were "insane"! Yes I said "periods" on my blog! My cramps were so bad I thought I was 16 again?? What the heck?
So after a year of issues which ended up stemming from fibroids, my Dr said it was time for a hysterectomy.
I jumped on the computer and educated myself on what I needed to know. I wrote down a ton of questions and armed myself for my next Dr visit. Dr Oz also dedicated an entire show on the subject which I found very helpful!
So what did I do next......I threw a party and decided to call it "Bonvoyage to my Uterus" or as I called her "Pinky". I had a handful of my closest girlfriends and we toasted to "Pinky"!
Last Thursday was the day of my surgery and I'm so glad its all behind me now. I know that I need to listen to everyone and be patient with the healing process. I can't lift or bend over at this point but I'm walking a little bit everyday and doodling in my sketchbook. I am so blessed with the friends and family I have all around me! So much love and support! My hubby and son have been so attentive and sweet with they always are but more so now with their concern for my speedy recovery! My Mom and Sister arrived everyday to help out with meals, cleaning, Connor and just great chats through out the day! Last but not least my girlfriends showered me with flowers, gifts, love and even dinners just to help out!! How can I thank you all enough?? My heart is truly bursting with love for everyone that surrounds me!!
So for any woman about to go through this experience or for any woman that already has, its just another step in our lives that we can share together as women! We are strong...we are invincible.......we are WOMAN!!
So I say goodbye to cramps.....goodbye to achy body parts....goodbye to headaches.....goodbye to tampons and big bulky pads and most of all.....goodbye to Granny Panties!!!
I'm a whole new woman now!!!
Robin oxoxo

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