Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoomer's Summer Snowstorm

IIt's here!!! Zoomer's 2nd book by my amazing friend NED YOUNG!! It is truly the most amazing illustrations you have ever seen!! Scholastic has listed it #1 for May!!
Ned is the sweetest most kind hearted man I have ever met! His incredible talents are truly a labor or love!! Get your Zoomer now at Amazon!
Whey ta go Ned!! I love it!! ox

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Missing Oprah already!!

Well the countdown is on...I will watch Oprah's last show in 55 minutes with my Mom and best friend Jill!! The wine and appetizers are most of all the Kleenex!!
I am already a loyal OWN watcher, but I feel sad about losing The Oprah Show! I know she will still pop up now and then on OWN and I can't wait!!
Oprah came into my life the year my Dad passed away! I was 17 years old. She gave us all comfort, joy, tears, honesty, laughter and love!
Oprah I hope you are celebrating tonight, surrounded by all your friends and family!! You deserve it girl!! Enjoy this next chapter...embrace the summer and see the world!!!
Sending you light and love, Robin oxoxo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Project

This past weekend I decided to work on a couple things for the house and take a break from the Studio. Above are pictures from a mirror I made. I used gel medium to attach brown paper bags to the frame and then I printed a number of images with my color printer to create a mixed medium mirror. I used old stamps, tags, postcards, paper, quotes etc...everything I like to create a conversation piece on my dining room. I also made the little bird to hang in the bird I'm working on a large painting for the family! Stay tuned!!