Alan Frew motivational speech

Yesterday I had the great privilege of meeting Alan Frew. Many of you will recognize him from the band Glass Tiger. Alan arrived at Connor's school to give a motivational speech where he inspired all of us to never give up on your dreams!
I'm telling you, I walked out of the school gym feeling "the joy rising" Oprah would say! Alan shares his inspiring story of how he left Scotland with his family and came to Canada. Even as a young boy, he learned the power of "intention". He wrote a fabulous book called The Action Sandwich which promises to motivate and inspire you to follow your dreams and never give up!

For years I have always shared with my friends and family the amazing fact that Micheal Jackson did NOT know how to write or read music......look at what he accomplished?
Well Alan Frew, also shares this fact with the kids....he did not know how to read or write music and yet he became one of the world's leading song writers. Alan wrote the song I BELIEVE for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!! The whole world knows that song and he had all the kids in our gym singing it with him!

Never let obstacles stand in your way of what you believe and who you want to be! Live your greatest life! Dream Big! Always follow your heart and live each day with Love and good intentions.....what you will receive back is even more love than you ever imagined!

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