Oprah's Lifeclass in Toronto - A day we will never forget!

Monday, April 16th 2012 - a day my sister Alison and I will never forget. A day we had on our vision boards for years, a day we knew would arrive, somehow, some way! The day when we would be in Oprah's presence and see her live. What better way, then a Lifeclass! WOW!
Joy was most certainly RISING!
When Oprah walks onto the stage, its like "lightning" has struck us all. Everyone is so overjoyed and excited just to see her. Why? Because for years she gave us all something that no one else was doing on television. She gave us hope, encouragement, truth, enlightenment, courage and love!
Oprah was so beautiful in a bright orange-red dress. She spoke to the crowd of 8500 during the entire taping, even during the commercial breaks. She would say "I see you, I hear YOU, I feel your love". She continued to thank all of us for our time, knowing what we all had done to get to this day, this moment!
Not only were we blessed to see Oprah, but this show of GRATITUDE included Iyanla Vanzant,
Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and Bishop T.D Jakes! WOW!
Each of them spoke separately prior to the taping of the show. We filled our journals with inspiring words, changing our lives forever!
At noon, the show went live online and continued until 2:30pm.
During a break Oprah walked through the crowd of nearly 9000 people. As excited as we all were, thinking about just getting near her, this was a moment I had a hard time with. She was surrounded by bodyguards, but clearly not enough. The crowd closed in on her and I felt panic for her safety. I just wanted them to get her back on stage.....so with nothing but grace and calmness Oprah spoke to the crowd just lovingly asking them to let her walk through and do the show. She held out her hands as people just wanted to touch her, hug her or share their stories! I was amazed at how she handled this situation. She clearly knows that people just want to THANK her! Thank her for giving them the tools to find their journey through life!
As she got closer to our aisle, my sister Al said Oprah's name and she turned to give her a smile. I was standing on a chair and captured this moment on my Ipad. Its a little blurry, but its a moment, a fraction of a second, a quick blip in time...but it meant the world to us!
Al and I were sitting roughly in the middle of the room. A big jumbo tron screen was right in front of us. We felt so much GRATITUDE just being there. By just having a ticket. I know everyone wants to be in the front row...but honestly the energy and love fills the entire room. It doesn't matter where you sit.....we were in the moment and soaking it all in!
Yes, 2 tickets, 2 sisters and a day that will remain in our hearts forever! What do I know for sure? I know that we are all connected, we are all here for a reason, that each one of us plays an important role on this planet. We must embrace our problems and challenges without fear and see each obstacle as a learning experience, so we can grow! Change is inevitable, we must "keep moving forward". Our possibilities are endless!
I'm here, I matter, I am worthy!

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