Hello everyone, today I just had to share a beautiful email I received from a wonderful lady "Diana". She sent me this adorable photo above holding one of my Angel mugs from my Blessings with Wings collection with Carson.
This is why I continue to create art that means something....that comes from my heart! When it comes from a place inside you that feels right, then it will flourish and connect with the ones that need it the most!
Thank you Diana, for making my day!
Here's Diana's email message & I promise to post the launch of her NEW website;
Hi, Robin!
My name is Diana  And I am a huge fan of your work!  Your art is SO beautiful and inspiring!
My prized Robin Davis possession is my coffee cup that I keep at work and get to see my inspiring angel every day of my work week!  Honestly…it reminds me every day that I need to “Listen and be wise” and keep my heart on the right course.  I remember seeing it in our local mall’s Hallmark store and I just HAD to have it!!  It spoke to me…and I’m SO very happy I purchased it!
Robin…I just wanted to write to you to tell you how I am totally inspired by your work…and by your lovely inspiring words you write on your studio website.  I enjoy pouring over your website!
I am 51 and have ALWAYS wanted to start my own business. “itsybitsybliss.com.”  I plan to sell inspiring gifts such as the lovely items you make.  I have a very good eye for color and cute things and I want to have a business whereby I can sell inspiring items that someone can buy to give to their loved ones.
 I have a passion for knowing what would sell. I am getting my business plan together and I hope to someday soon be able to sell your items.  They are SO beautiful!  I know everyone will love them because I know that MY personal Robin Davis items make ME happy.
Thank you, Robin for being my inspiration and keep those wonderful creations coming!
Wish me luck, Robin!
(“itsybitsybliss.com” website coming soon!).

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