Heartfelt Blessings with Carson

 Heartfelt Blessings Collection in the NEW Carson Showroom
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Well I've returned from my trip to Atlanta...what a trip it was!!! The weather was incredible...felt like summer! I always stay with my amazing friends, artists Paula Joerling & Tom Haney. We always have so much fun! They truly make me feel like part of the family!
Above are a couple photos from my NEW collections with Carson. Thank you to everyone that arrived at my signing....it's always such a pleasure meeting such great fans and retailers that purchase my collections for their stores. Each one shares a special story or display idea for the product and I love hearing how each piece touches their heart!!!
As artists and designers, many times we are in our studios on our own. Drawing, designing, painting and sometimes glued to our computers, working on the finishing touches before the work is sent out.
I am so thankful for our social media world, because through that world, we "creative peeps" can connect and share stories. Most importantly....just support each other through our Creative Journeys.
So THANK YOU to all my wonderful TALENTED FRIENDS and WELCOME to my NEW FRIENDS! I am so blessed to have you in my world! ox

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