Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Launching my Timber Lodge Fabric collection APRIL 1st!

I decided to create this pillow today with my Timber Lodge fabric, launching
It's a beautiful high quality cotton flannel, which was perfect for sewing
and creating some fun and unique home decor pieces for our home!
I used jute and burlap ribbon as textured accents, adding to this rustic chic pillow!
Click on the link above starting Monday to order your fabric!
Keep smiling! Robin

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Great Cape Making Event!

I just had to share this wonderful collage my friend Michelle sent me. On Saturday night we all gathered to help Miller (age 5- Michelle's son) make his Super Hero cape and costume for a school assignment.
Miller had to decide what kind of Super Hero he wanted to with everyone sharing ideas, Miller decided he wanted to be "Magnetic Miller" and he was going to help people find their keys and more!
So on Saturday night we gathered with friends, wine, food, sewing supplies, ribbons, fabric and a little glitter! It was such a fun evening of creativity, sharing and just watching the kids play!
Way-Ta-go Magnetic are always a Super Hero in our hearts! Love Auntie Robin ox

Keep moving forward!!!

Hello friends, who knew I could get so excited about colorful sticky notes and getting organized! LOL
My friend Paula sent me a link a week ago and said "we have to join this summit" so I clicked on the link and we both started The Right Brainers Business Video Summit. Honestly, I REALLY needed this! Not just because it's February, and believe me I struggle in the month of February....I want the snow to go and the birds to come and SPRING to just arrive! But I needed this because, I was needing CLARITY in my business and the direction I am flowing in!
This summit is providing that to me. I am making  a new STUDIO SCHEDULE, a PROJECT list, future GOALS and finding a better relationship with money! I didn't know I needed to create a relationship with money, but clearly I need one! I was looking at it all wrong!
So THANK YOU Jennifer Lee and your amazing your fabulous coaches for all your support and information! This summit is truly a gift and blessing that my business & my soul - spirit needed!
Now if you'll excuse me.....I want to get back to creating my colorful business plan, schedule and budget! Really?...did I just say I wanted to work on my budget....YeeOWZAAAA!!