An Evening with Oprah in Hamilton!

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Our evening with Oprah in Hamilton, Ontario was filled with inspiration and excitement! I couldn't imagine sharing this night with anyone else other than my sister Alison and our dear friend Kelly!
The three of us have been Oprah fans & followers for as long as we can remember! She has always provided us with the tools and information we needed to move into a bigger space and be who we are meant to be! To "turn the volume up" on our lives and show up each and every day as our "authentic selves". Oprah makes us realize and understand that we are all connected, that we all want the same be SEEN, to be HEARD and to know we are WORTHY!

 When she walked onto the stage in a stunningly beautiful lemon yellow dress, she radiated with her positive energy and wonderful sense of humor! She spoke for 2 hours, sharing personal stories and making us laugh, cry and just feel blessed to share this night together!

So "THANK YOU OPRAH" for coming to Canada and sharing your stories and love with us!

(Canadians can email OWN Canada so our voices can be heard regarding more OWN shows for example, we'd love SUPER SOUL SUNDAY!)

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