Heartfelt Blessings from my Heart to Yours!

Robin Davis Studio
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Heartfelt Blessings collection with Carson | Robin Davis Studio
I'm a Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Artist. Each one of those titles is a privilege to have and represents so many important pieces of ME! Pieces I've worked hard to earn and honor...and as I grow older and wiser, I'm learning that in order to respect and honor those titles, I have to honor myself FIRST! I have to listen to my mind, body and spirit every single day in order to give each and every important person in my life my true authentic ME, my true authentic Heart!
So I'm really learning about setting healthy boundaries for myself. Learning when it just feels right to say "No" and also stepping outside of my "comfort zone" and stepping into FEAR so I can grow spiritually!
As an Artist, growth is necessary! For me, my art isn't about just having something pretty on the wall. My art must come from my heart, show my vulnerabilities as well as my "Heart Joys" it must resonate within my soul.
I'm so proud of my "Heartfelt Blessings" collection I designed for Carson. Not only did the colors and textures feel right but the sentiment speaks from within. A place where my journey as WIFE, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Artist all come together!

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