Thursday, October 29, 2015

Christmas Wishes by Robin Davis Studio & Clothworks

Christmas Wishes Fabric Collection - Robin Davis Studio & Clothworks
I'm excited to share my NEW CHRISTMAS WISHES fabric collection I designed for CLOTHWORKS. Arriving SPRING 2016!
I wanted to create a fabric collection that had a vintage feel using Christmas colors in shades of mercury glass ornaments. Beautiful bright greens that represent shades of pine, gorgeous rich burgundy shades and earthy warm creams & golds. The main fabric panel includes one of my 
Angels, a deer pulling Santa's sleigh, burgundy poinsettias and lovely chickadees and cardinals.

Christmas color inspirations - Robin Davis Studio
CHRISTMAS WISHES will arrive in stores SPRING 2016!
Happy sewing everyone!

(The above ornaments and Christmas Tree courtesy of Pottery Barn)

There's no place like home!

THere's no place like home - Robin Davis Studio

My girlfriend Cathy had a "sip & swap" a couple months ago. It was such a wonderful idea. We all brought clothing and accessories to her home. A few us arrived early to help Cathy merchandise the items throughout her family room. Then all the ladies arrived to sip wine and trade the items we brought. At the end of the evening, Cathy gathered everything left over and took it to the local Women's Shelter. There were boxes and boxes of items to donate. Such a fun and creative way to gather, recycle and give back!
These glittery red shoes were one of the items I was drawn to. First I was thinking they were perfect for a Halloween Costume, of course dressing as Dorothy from my favorite movie THE WIZARD OF OZ. Then I had an idea to create a display in the studio above one of my cabinets that holds most of my paints and pens. Using a couple vintage books, I wrapped the quote "There's no place like home" around the covers. Then I printed a black and white stripe to place inside the shoes. I used a few vintage items I've collected to build the display.....and WA LA a fabulous reminder everyday that there really is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!
Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!
Cheers Robin

Monday, October 26, 2015

My favorite little GREMLIN GIZMO!

Robin Davis Studio - Gizmo
I can't remember how long I've had Gizmo from the movie GREMLINS.  A real classic and is usually on TV before Halloween and sometimes around Christmas. Originally played in the theatres in 1984 and was long before CGI, Gizmo and the GREMLINS were animatronic puppets. 
I think we all fell in love with GIZMO. He was adorable & hilarious. His voice was done by Howie Mandel.
I've always loved movies and back then, so many things were being done on film that we hadn't seen before. GREMLINS was one of those movies where I'd watch and try to figure out how they created the characters, what did they use, how do they make it move, how did they film certain scenes. Many times I'd go to the show and was deconstructing the creative process, sometimes not even realizing that I missed the story...I was so into figuring it all out in my head! 
I still do it, only now with technology, I know most things are done with a computer. There really was something magical back then about movie making. Sure our kids today may watch a film like GREMLINS and giggle at the puppets, but I'm not sure they'll ever understand the artistry of creating a GIZMO by hand with animatronics inside him compared to a GIZMO created with the computer. Don't get me wrong, there is a true art in creating a character with a computer and I'm not knocking it...I just love explaining to my son how they made these characters in film back then.
A creative process I admire.
Here's to GIZMO!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Unique Charging Station made with a Vintage Desk

Unique Charging Station - Robin Davis Studio
 Today I decided to set up a new CHARGING STATION in our family room. Our previous station in this location was a small open wooden shelving unit, but it was beginning to look "junky". We are overwhelmed with cords and plug ins from all the different phones, tablets, Ipads and laptops within our family unit. I'm sure most of you can relate...every time we turn around a new device has entered the building, YIPES!
Our home is a mix of new and vintage pieces, many with an industrial feel. I had purchased this wonderful vintage desk last year at a thrift shop for $45. It has real personality, with names carved into the wooden top and aged metal legs.
Vintage Desk used for Charging Station - Robin Davis Studio
The inside of this desk was the perfect size to create a charging station. I used a long black power bar and pulled the cord threw the hole in the top of the desk. All vintage school desks had this hole in the top right corner to hold an ink bottle. Kids would dip their pens into the ink and learn how to write the alphabet, patiently writing rows and rows of letters.
I love having pieces like this desk in our home. It tells a story of days gone by and it's kinda ironic that I'm using it for a place to store and charge devices, devices that will eventually be the reason our kids loose the art of "Handwriting"...I better save that blog post for another day, LOL!
I used 2 wooden white wash shallow trays inside the desk to hold all the different plugs and cords. The white makes them easy to see. Now everyone can lift the lid, plug in their device and close the lid, easy peasy and no more clutter!
Plus we now have the bonus of an extra place to sit and type OR write a letter to someone special! As MARTHA would say "It's a GOOD THING"
Cheers ROBIN

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A month ago, my fabulous friend Paula Joerling asked me to write for a new feature she has created on her WEBSITE called THE STORY BEHIND THE ART. I truly LOVED this idea! Many of us want to know the process behind how an Artist or Illustrator creates their pieces. What was the inspiration, how did they tackle a certain creative project....what makes them tick! LOL

So I decided to share WHY I LOVE to draw, paint and create ROBOTS! 
The story behind the art - Robin Davis Studio