Friday, May 26, 2017

Show your RUST!

I love RUST by Robin Davis Studio's a word I identify with. Why? Because we are all a little rusty, some more then others. Over time, as life happens in between all our plans, we begin to show our own "patina" in a way that I find so beautiful. We each have history, the markings of a journey through life that continue to show us how we can survive, how the sun will always reach the mud! I am drawn to rust for its "richness & texture" it's story that is trying to be told. Like how a shiny new toy begins to show its history the moment human hands embrace it and eventually rust begins to form. I'm interested in seeing the rust, it's so beautiful & way more interesting then anything perfectly shiny & without flaws! I believe we are meant to show our RUST! 
Love Robin

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Christmas present arrives in May!

Special pkg from Paula Joerling Studio
Today I headed to our mail box, which by the way was a bit over due. I admit I hadn't gone in a few days! Well, to my surprise, there was a little beautifully wrapped box with "Merry Christmas" on it!
Intrigued I was...
Handmade pin by Paula Joerling Studio
I opened it up to find this absolutely gorgeous handmade pin of a Robin with the word "friend"
attached. It was such a wonderful surprise from one of my dearest friends, Paula from

The detail & workmanship in the pin is brilliant! I am "over the moon" excited about this thoughtful gift from my talented BFF!
Robin Bird Pin by Paula Joerling Studio
I will treasure this handmade brooch forever and proudly wear it to showcase what friends are truly all about!
Though miles may lie between Paula and I, I know we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart!
Love you forever my fabulous friend!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Making Robots come to Life with Old World Charm! Robin Davis Studio

Here's a sneak peek inside my studio!
 I love to bring to life a unique collection of whimsical found objects and steampunk styled robots using treasures I've sourced everywhere from metal scrap heaps to antique vintage markets. These “pre-loved” rusty metal materials lend their own special history to my upcycled art, and perfectly capture our modern desire for old-world charm.