About me

Robin Davis

Found object sculptures by robin Davis Studio

I am a Canadian artist currently living in Ontario with my wonderful husband and son. Drawing and painting since I was five years old, I've experimented with many mediums including pencil, ink, pastels, oils, acrylics and watercolours. In college (which seems like a very long time ago) I studied Graphic Design and Visual Merchandising. In 2000, I left a successful career in the gift and craft industry to embrace what I consider the greatest gift of all...being a Mom! Becoming a Mom made me a better artist, exploring the world through my child's eyes! I began to pursue licensing my illustrations and spending quality time with my family. So a whole new creative journey began and I've loved every minute. Years later I started experimenting with bringing my characters to life and sculpting 3D robots and characters with vintage found objects.
 I wouldn't be here without my amazing husband and son, along with my wonderful friends and family. Their love, encouragement and support has helped make my dreams come true. Behind every  creative soul is a group of family and friends who always believe in you!

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