Connor's donation to Locks of Love

Three years ago my son Connor decided he wanted to grow his hair and donate it to "Locks of Love".
Locks of Love is a program where you can donate your hair towards wigs for children that are in Cancer treatment. It can take 18 ponytails to make 1 child's wig, so donations are desperately needed!
This week Connor decided it was time to make the appointment and yesterday, with Jessica's help Connor had his locks chopped. We found the experience an emotional one! Connor said he'll miss his long hair but he felt so good inside being able to help another child with a wig. He's even expressed doing it again in the future!
Boy, our children really do teach much as we do our best to guide them through their journeys....they sure enrich and guide us as parents! Connor has taught Scott and I so much about life, laughter and most importantly LOVE!!

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