NEW YORK May 17 to 21 2013

On May 17th, my sister Alison and I jumped on a plane and headed for NEW YORK! 
It was my first visit to "the big city" and what a big city it is! WOW!
It was Al's second time visiting NEW YORK... her first visit was during
Hurricane Irene which ended up not being the experience she anticipated. YIPES!
I asked Al to join me on this trip so I could explore the Surtex Show and then we
could explore NEW YORK together!
My creative BFF's Paula Joerling and Chad Barrett gave us a royal tour of NY!
Exploring little bistro's, unique shops, and dining in quaint restaurants with good food
and wine! WE LOVED IT!
Al & I are not your typical "tourists"....not big on crowds. We wanted to explore art museums, parks, architecture, and small areas of NY.
Thanks to Paula & Chad plus Chad's amazingly talented & creative friends Thomas DangVu, Fumiaki Odaka and Hiroshi Tanabe, we explored NY in a perfect way. Stopping at unique places for a drink or to enjoy a sweet treat. Most importantly we were making new friends and just enjoying
our day together!
I loved seeing Time Square at night! That night was a blast!
On Tuesday we arrived at the MET to view the "Punk to Couture" exhibit!
It was truly fascinating!
A few pics we snapped quickly while walking to meet up with friends!
So I can finally say "I've been to NEW YORK". There really is so much to see and do. I understand why they say "its the city that never sleeps". When ever I am away from my HOME & FAMILY to places where it just feels like a "different planet" I can honestly say it brings me CLARITY.
It makes me appreciate even more....ALL that I am surrounded with. ALL that I am BLESSED with.
Once I return home, I can see more clearly with WHO I am, WHERE I want to go with my LIFE and most IMPORTANTLY how lucky I am to have the FAMILY & FRIENDS that fill my heart with LOVE every single day!
We didn't travel to NEW YORK to see the designer stores or buy some designer bag...sure it was exciting to see the store windows but that was it. We traveled there to meet our FRIENDS...make NEW friends and explore all the beauty and creativeness that NY has to offer!
Through these experiences......I SHALL CONTINUE TO PAINT & CREATE!
THANK YOU to my BEST FRIEND & SISTER Alison for always having a "heart of gold" and
making this trip together PERFECTION! ox

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