Welcome to my STUDIO TOUR!

It may be small, but it's my "creative space"... a space that tells the whole story about who I am as an artist. Last year, my hubby Scott and I started huge renovations in our home. One area we tackled was my studio. It's at the front of our house and even though I had a few anxiety attacks about moving everything out, I have to say, I had a BLAST putting it all back together! 
When you have a small space, organization is the key! I put a lot of thought into using the right items to put all my supplies in. I could finally use and display items I had been collecting for years, waiting to
put the "studio in my head" together! LOL!
So welcome to my STUDIO everyone....I'm thrilled to share this space with you!
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Robin Davis Studio
Scott gave me this beautiful antique drafting table years ago. I use turn tables from IKEA to organize my drawing supplies and paint brushes. YES, that's a birch tree in front of the window. We wrapped "mini fire fly lights in it" and I hung vintage tin birds on the branches. NO matter what the weather is SUN, RAIN, SNOW...I love looking out my windows!!
Robin Davis Studio
I have to say, IKEA is a great place to pick up items to assist with the organizing! I used their kraft color and white magazine holders through out the shelves. Vintage wire baskets and suitcases also
come in handy!
Robin Davis Studio
You can see that I LOVE birdcages! They make great display pieces and you can put whatever you want in them for a great "topic of conversation". I've filled the cabinets with special items, like my son Connor's first rubber boots. It's so important to surround yourself with inspiration...the things that matter to you...the things that make your heart SMILE!
Of course I have to talk about "PIGGY"...she's the COI fish in the middle of the black cabinet. She's been a part of my studio now for roughly 7 or 8 years! Who would have thought a FISH could have a fun personality, but she does! She'll do all kinds of crazy things to get my attention, just so I'll feed her. Let's just say, she eats a lot....now you know where her name came from, LOL!
Robin Davis Studio
The left side of the STUDIO holds most of my equipment...computers, scanners, printers etc.
I'm always adding projects, inspiration and photos to my cork boards. Above is a shelf my hubby built so I could display my "creature collection". I have collected "Kermits" since I was a little girl, mainly because Jim Henson was so inspiring to me. The shelf also holds my own MONSTER collection, which includes my first Calendar License "Little Monsters" for the Lang company in 2008.
Robin Davis Studio
I like to shop antique markets to find unique items for display.
Robin Davis Studio
Here I used galvanized tin garden seedling trays to house my paints, pastels and markers. Your local garden centre can be a great place for inspiration and ideas!
Robin Davis Studio
These blue tin cups remind me of camping when I was a little girl and they add a "pop of color", perfect for holding my coloring pencils.
This vintage bird cage is a great display piece that I change with the holiday seasons. The kids will come in the studio just to see if my OWL is real! Maybe it is???
Turkey feathers with a real hummingbird next display | Robin Davis STudio
Nature is a big part of my STUDIO as well. Real bird's nest, turkey feathers, branches, four leaf cloves, acorns are all on display. The jar above holds my turkey feathers along with a real HUMMINGBIRD nest that my father in-law gave me - after the baby hummingbirds left the nest, of course. LOL!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour! I have the pleasure of sitting here and creating every day!
Now that's a DREAM come TRUE!
Stay tuned for an exciting NEW project I'm working on that feels like ONE of my most important collections of ART ever!
Keep smiling! Robin

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