5 star Family Vacation with The Atherley's

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 We have returned from a week with our BEST friends The Atherley's!
Their cottage is truly PICTURESQUE, nestled on a beautiful lake in Northern Ontario, Canada.
A perfect way to spend quality time together before Connor returns to school next week.
 Our week was full of adventure, site seeing, fishing, 4-wheel'in, hiking and just relaxing by the lake!
The boys were fishing every morning at the crack of dawn. I would grab my coffee and sit on the porch or down at the dock just taking in all the wonderful sounds of the lake which includes the loon calls.
 Davin, Renee, Rylan and Joan always make us feel like we are part of the family. We loved planning delicious meals together, deciding when and how we wanted to play down at the lake and wrapping up our evenings around the fire! Well, that's if I hadn't already fallen asleep on the couch ha ha ha!
The evening STARS just took our breathe away! Unlike any twinkling sky in the city, this was a sky FULL of twinkling glitter. Right above us ONE star would shine especially BRIGHT for us all to see!!!
I have to say that Family Vacations can sometimes be hard to plan. Trying to keep everyone happy is challenging. At first we looked at all kinds of "last minute deals" where we could fly into places with warm sunny beaches and after hours of searching and discussing, Scott's best friend Davin said "let's head to the cottage and have some fun"...so we packed up the jeep and headed north!
It was the best week ever! Truly a 5 star experience surrounded by FAMILY & FRIENDS!
My heart is FULL!
THANK YOU for everything Davin, Renee, Joan and Rylan! You have a special place in our hearts forever!

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