My reverse PHOTO BOMBING in Atlanta

I'm back from my annual trip to Atlanta, where I attend the Gift Show and meet up with all my amazingly talented friends in the Gift, Licensing, Stationary and Home Decor industry.
I am so lucky to stay in the beautiful home/studio of my BFF's Paula Joerling and her hubby Tom Haney. To say we have a GREAT TIME during the show is an "under statement". Over the years, we have made some fabulous friends in this industry and we love "building our creative family" every year!
Artist gathering | Robin Davis Studio
Ok, so I'm a little crazy at times...LOL! This year I decided to "reverse" Photo Bomb many of our creative friends just for fun! It still makes me giggle!!!
Why is my "big mouth" open in every ask?? Well, ever since Oprah said to open your mouth for photos because you almost always take a better photo - I've been following her advice. You may notice others following suit...ha ha ha! Enjoy!

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