CHER in Toronto with my sister!

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OK, where do I begin...first, my sister Al surprised me at Christmas with Tickets to see CHER in her
"Dressed to Kill" farewell tour. Opening was Pat Benatar! Seriously! I'm not kidding!
So we decided to book a hotel and make a real day of it in Toronto! We arrived early afternoon. Walked around a bit, hit a couple pubs for cocktails, then had dinner at the AMAZING restaurant JUMP on Wellington St, downtown T.O. Our appetizer was grilled octopus, it was beautiful!
But I know you don't really want to hear about what we ate, so I'll get to the good stuff!!
Pat Benatar was incredible, the entire ACC (Air Canada Centre) which holds 20,000 people was PACKED! Everyone was dancing and singing like we were all 18 again, LOL!
THEN, around 9pm CHER bursts on the stage in a elaborate outfit with a headdress bigger than an Ostrich. It was FANTASTIC! Just as we would expect, she made a costume change for every song, WOWing us all along the way! It was a full on production in every sense! BUT...when she started to sing "Turn back Time" she came out on stage in that outfit and i swear every single cell phone camera was flashing! At 68 years old, we were absolutely stunned at CHER's body! If that isn't INSPIRING, I don't know what is?? She amazed us all...sharing stories and most importantly reminding us that everything she set her mind to achieve, she did it, always in her own way and never was part of the in crowd. She remained TRUE to herself and her artistic expression! Well done CHER!
Thank you to my sister ALISON for a day full of laughter, fun, food, drink, singing and DANCING!
I honestly wish everyone could have a sister like mine! Truly blessed am I!!

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