VERY special Christmas prints from my heart!

The magic of Christmas print | Robin Davis Studio

The magic of Santa | Robin Davis Studio

The magic of Santa | Robin Davis Studio
Hi everyone! Christmas you say?? I know Halloween hasn't even come to pass but I've been busy preparing my special Christmas prints to add to my online SHOP! Because of shipping quotas, I wanted to start adding them now. There's more coming, so please check back in the SHOP often!
How do I explain just how Magical I think CHRISTMAS is...well I try to convey it through my art!
It comes from the heart, that's where CHRISTMAS is...where there is love, there is CHRISTMAS!

The Santa prints above are from my original watercolor paintings. This particular Santa looks a little like a Gnome, which I love! For the Santa holding the baby, the first painting I did had the baby sucking his/her thumb. Then I decided to do one just smiling! All my friends and family shared stories of their babies and how some did suck their thumbs and some didn't - everyone wanted me to add both prints to the I did!

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