A very special Christmas Keepsake for Children

Help make the Reindeer Fly - Add your child's name to Santa's Print | Robin Davis Studio
Make Santa's Reindeer Fly | Add your child's name | Robin Davis Studio | Etsy

It's no secret to my friends and family, how much I LOVE CHRISTMAS! As soon as Halloween is over, I begin decorating the house for CHRISTMAS! I want my son's memories of the holidays to be as magical as it was for my sister and I when we were young!
My son is a teenager now and I still make the house magical for him and for everyone that comes over!
Today I finished a watercolor painting of Santa and a baby Reindeer. It just feels very "sweet and kind"...like Santa. As I was working on it, I thought about the kids and how much we just want our little kids to feel the "Christmas Magic". To forget about this crazy world we live in and just have "HOPE and DREAMS and LOVE" all around them! I wish that for every child on earth!
If you would like to purchase this special exclusive print, head on over to my ETSY SHOP!
I'll add your very very special child's name to the print....let's all BELIEVE so we can make Santa's REINDEER FLY!! Hugs Robin OXOX

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