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Robot Art Piece |Robin Davis Studio

Robot Art Piece using vintage elements | Robin Davis Studio
I was asked a couple months ago to create one of my Robot Pieces for a very special Birthday Present.
Each is ONE of a KIND, no 2 the same. First I decide what I will use to house the sculpture. For this piece, I used an old sewing machine wooden drawer. It was the perfect size and shape. That way the client can sit the piece on a shelf or hang it on the wall.
The next process is using vintage papers to create the background. I usually ask for information about the client so I can add (or hide) special details within the background. Numbers, birthdays, special quotes etc.
Once the entire wooden drawer was treated and ready, I spent hours playing with all the vintage elements I love to use to make the Robot come to life! My favorite part is making the face. He must be sweet and every little metal piece I choose has to flow with the entire piece!
I really love how this Robot came out! He's one of my favs for sure!

If you are interested in a commissioned Robot Art Piece, please send us an email.
All the best, Robin

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