The 5 day Art Challenge - Robin Davis Studio

Monster Bedtime - Robin Davis Studio Monsters - Little Monsters - Robin Davis Studio
               Monster Spaceship - Planets - Universe - Robin Davis Studio
I was nominated by my friend Diane Duda for The 5 day Art Challenge. The challenge is to post 3 paintings every day for 5 days and nominate your fellow artists to participate each day.
Today is my first day, so I decided to post 3 paintings that started it all for me. Specifically the centre painting with the Monster Grouping. That painting launched my creative career and ended up being the cover of my very first Licensed calendar with The Lang Company.
These Monsters still hold a very special place in my heart! I loved the whole journey these little guys took me on. My style has changed and evolved but I knew when I finished these paintings that these characters were each a part of me.....the silly -the kind- the fun and the UNIQUE parts of me!

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