Throw Back Thursday Photo

Throw Back Thursday - Robin Davis Studio
Well look at my sister Al and I back in the day. Once again in matching outfits, LOL! I'm sure my Mom and Dad tried to get me to put down the shape sorted (made by Tupperware around 40 years ago and still going) but it looks like I won the battle and the toy ended up in the photo.
It makes the photo even more special for me. I love looking at these old photos of Al and I, thinking about where we lived at the time and what we were doing. I remember playing with our dolls and toys, reading books and wanting to play outside. We moved a lot, never in one house longer than 4 years, but we got to see Canada at it's best! My Dad's job required us to move at times and looking back, it really was fun. Of course at the time, as a kid, sometimes "change" throws you into a bit of a tail spin, but all those new adventures really shaped who Al and I are today!
Mom and Dad always wanted us to try new foods, see new things, learn how to ski and skate and swim and not be afraid! I think my Dad really wanted us to do all these things because he didn't...he didn't really know how to swim, skate or ski...Al and I didn't really realize this until later on, I think because we just thought he could DO ANYTHING!
Reflection makes sense, especially as parents. Now that my hubby and I are raising my son, who is about to turn 15 soon (Yipes) it all falls into place when I reflect on my childhood and try to figure out how to parent my child in this world we live in today. I know my parents wanted to give my sister and I all the experiences and knowledge to help us spread our wings...and I remember how cautious and protective they were of us. At times, it drove us nuts! What the heck were they so worried about...what could happen to us?? Well, I get it...I know I drive my son nuts now too. LOL!
So as he approaches 15 and I reflect, I know I have to just stand back at times and let him spread his wings. It's hard, but I'm trying...

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