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Throw Back Thursday - Robin Davis Studio
Well It's "Throw Back Thursday" but I'm a day late, so here's your "giggle" for the day! I've had such a great response from everyone on the photos of my sister Alison and I when we were young. Believe me, there are tons I'll never show you, LMAF!
It's so funny....back then when Dad would pull out the camera, Al & I did our fair share of "eye rolling" but now, I can't tell you how much I love these photos and all the memories they stir up for me. I'm so thankful and appreciative of them all, especially the number of photos that just make us laugh out loud, belly laughs!
This photo above did make us "giggle" for sure! Clearly we are 'Singing" and just look at those outfits...could my skirt get any shorter?? Ha, and Brittany Spears thought she was starting a trend back in the day...Ha Ha Ha!
Keep smiling everyone!
Cheers Robin

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