Throw Back Thursday - Skating - Robin Davis Studio

Sisters - Robin Davis Studio
It's time for my Throw Back Thursday photos! Today I wanted to share another picture of my sister and I in our skating costumes. Boy do we remember these costumes....YUP we were the SKUNKS! No we didn't smell and YES I think we look pretty darn adorable, but those TAILS!
The tail definitely affected our balance LOL...sure they look light and fluffy...they weren't, I think Al and I took out a few of the kids during our big SKATING show and that's putting it mildly!
Let's just say at the end of the SHOW...the SKUNKS I think we were the only ones standing...he he he!

My Mom Skating - Robin Davis Studio

The second round of photos I wanted to share are my MOM skating. She was quite the SKATER back in the day, practicing and performing a lot. She loved her skates and loved it when the town would gather to watch her perform! She had beautiful costumes and competed in couples skating and singles. Al and I remember when we were little, learning how to skate and then watching Mom put her skates on. It was so exciting to watch her twirl around and hold her leg up so high! WOW
As little girls, we thought it was just incredible that our Mom could do that!

I really love looking at these old photos....maybe it's because it takes us back to a day and time when things just seemed simpler, when we all just wanted to be outside to play and gather and enjoy each other...when walking to the store to buy some candy was a real treat for the day!
I don't know about you, but sometimes I wish it could still be this way!
All I know is that LIFE sure does pass by in a flash, that I can't believe my son is going to turn 15 and that I'm turning 48 (not really - I'm still 40 - well that's what I tell myself) so I understand why we "reflect" and look back now. Why old photos mean the world to me now! We do get wiser as we get older and when it all comes down to it....I believe we are on this planet for whatever short period we have to just LOVE one another, and LISTEN and LEARN and BE KIND!
Happy Throw Back Thursday Everyone!
Hugs Robin

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