My favorite little GREMLIN GIZMO!

Robin Davis Studio - Gizmo
I can't remember how long I've had Gizmo from the movie GREMLINS.  A real classic and is usually on TV before Halloween and sometimes around Christmas. Originally played in the theatres in 1984 and was long before CGI, Gizmo and the GREMLINS were animatronic puppets. 
I think we all fell in love with GIZMO. He was adorable & hilarious. His voice was done by Howie Mandel.
I've always loved movies and back then, so many things were being done on film that we hadn't seen before. GREMLINS was one of those movies where I'd watch and try to figure out how they created the characters, what did they use, how do they make it move, how did they film certain scenes. Many times I'd go to the show and was deconstructing the creative process, sometimes not even realizing that I missed the story...I was so into figuring it all out in my head! 
I still do it, only now with technology, I know most things are done with a computer. There really was something magical back then about movie making. Sure our kids today may watch a film like GREMLINS and giggle at the puppets, but I'm not sure they'll ever understand the artistry of creating a GIZMO by hand with animatronics inside him compared to a GIZMO created with the computer. Don't get me wrong, there is a true art in creating a character with a computer and I'm not knocking it...I just love explaining to my son how they made these characters in film back then.
A creative process I admire.
Here's to GIZMO!

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