LARGE ROBOT WALL PUPPETS perfect for any little boy's room!

Large Robot Wall Puppet Kit - Robin Davis Studio
Yaaaa! They are here! Finally! After a couple months of developing and experimenting with different papers and printing methods, I'm happy to unveil my NEW LARGE ROBOT KITS! I wanted these ROBOTS to be affordable, so creating a KIT was the perfect way to do that! He's so easy to put together and I include everything you need in the just need your own scissors to cut him out!
Large Robot Wall Puppet Kit - Robin Davis Studio
 I found several Robot Wall Decals or Robot wall stickers to decorate little boy's rooms but I was trying to come up with something a little different! My Robot is made of paper, printed on sturdy
100lb paper using archival inks. He is movable and poseable! So you can have fun creating a unique robot wall decor piece for your child's room or birthday party!

I've got lots more ideas coming from the studio, so stay tuned! More designs arriving in the SHOP!
Keep smiling! Robin

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