St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Paper Doll Craft

Have fun this St.Patrick's Day adding a couple of my designs to your wall. I loved creating these prints and my Articulated Paper Leprechaun Doll.
St. Patrick's Day Decor - Robin Davis Studio

Leprechaun Paper Doll DIY craft - Robin Davis Studio
Paper puppet Leprechaun DIY - Robin Davis Studio
St. Patrick's Day Printable Leprechaun craft - Robin Davis Studio
This adorable Leprechaun Paper Doll is easy to make. He has jointed arms and legs which makes him a fun character to pose! Attach ribbon or string to hang him on the wall, in your classroom or make several and include him in your St.Patrick's Day celebrations! He also makes a fabulous cake topper, simply attach a wooden skewer.
Irish Leprechaun Print - Robin Davis Studio
You can also add these Irish Wall Decor Prints as a perfect addition to your St. Patrick's Day Celebrations!
Irish Quote - Robin Davis Studio
The four leaf clover Leprechaun Print makes a great Irish Wedding Gift as well.
St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans wall decor - Robin Davis Studio
If you just want to have fun on St. Patrick's Day getting into some SHENANIGANS, then this
print is for YOU! I created this one for my BFF and I LOL!
Irish Baby Announcement Print - Robin Davis Studio
This special little print is for the arrival of an Irish Baby. A perfect little gift. I will add the child's name within the mushroom that the little Leprechaun is riding in!


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