A special package and a new friendship begins!

Ramona Otto - Artist
Last month I received a wonderful message from a friend on Facebook. Ramona Otto. We were both featured in Lori Siebert's "Labour of Love" magazine (issue #3)
Ramona and I both create art using found objects. 

Vintage Puppet Stage from Knotts Berry Farm
Ramona had reached out to me through Facebook, telling me all about a vintage puppet stage she had acquired from Knott's Berry Farm. 
Puppet Stage parts from Knott's Berry Farm - Robin Davis Studio
She was taking the stage apart for a special art piece and inside were a couple metal components used to make the puppets move. She contacted me to see if I could use these parts to create my ROBOTS.
Puppet Stage parts from Knott's Berry Farm - Robin Davis Studio
Naturally, I was tickled pink. I love the history connected to these pieces. Anyone that knows me, also knows how much I love Puppets and any Puppet History.
So Ramona and I started sharing emails and story's about our careers, our homes, family and of course our ART!
Kindred spirits for sure! 
Ramona was an Elementary School teacher for 42 years and just recently retired. Her love of antiquing and flea market shopping led her towards her incredible, larger than life, art creations. Each one, so unique and adorned with her amazing collection of jewellery and vintage elements.
Ramona Otto - Artist
Ramona dropped these unique metal pieces in the mail and they arrived Friday. I felt like a kid at Christmas when they arrived. Yes, I do get excited over vintage rusty metal...I can't help it LOL! I'm already in the planning stages of 2 robots, using these extraordinary elements.
Most importantly, I have made a new friend. We may live miles apart but our love of creating ART using founds objects has brought us together!

Knott's Berry Farm
I did some research about Knott's Berry Farm and it's history. This black and white photo was taken in 1920. Walter Knott and his wife Cordelia sold berries, berry preserves and pies from a roadside stand beside State Route 39, near the small town of Buena Park. Orange County, California

Interstate 605 and State Route 57 were built in the late 1960's and Route 39 became Beach Boulevard, which brought a long line of diners and traffic to the farm. As the years passed, they continued to add shops and interactive displays, drawing huge numbers of traffic every year. Puppet Shows were a big part of the Farm. 
Tony Kemeny and his Puppets, Knott's Berry Farm -Orange County Archives

Today Knott's Berry Farm is still a large amusement park attraction and draws millions of fans every year! KNOTT'S BERRY FARM

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