Canada 150th Anniversary Robot by Robin Davis Studio

Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday this year has inspired a few Robot Sculptures in my favourite color RED. This vintage tin from Canada Metal Company seemed a perfect fit to create a very majestic robot art piece.

Canada 150 Robot Sculpture by Robin Davis Studio
I named him Imperial, I guess for obvious reasons, but I just love how aged this tin was and already had a perfect patina to compliment his character and old world charm.
Robot Sculpture by Robin Davis Studio
The Canada Metal tin has the following cities listed around the base of the tin. Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.
Robot Sculpture by Robin Davis Studio
As I was creating him, I had envisioned him sitting on a desk, maybe on a stack of vintage books proudly looking over a new family home. Or he would be beautifully wrapped and given as a unique Graduation Gift for someone in The Class of 2017 - the year Canada also shares a monumental Birthday.
Each one of my Robot Sculptures is One of a Kind and full of expression and character.
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Cheers Robin

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