Stop Motion Fun for Kids and the Kid in all of us!

I am having a blast doing Trisha Zemp's "Free Stop Motion Kid's Camp"

Stop Motion Fun! Free Download, Robin Davis Studio
I've always loved Stop Motion! Even as a little girl. So when Trisha offered her camp for "free" I just had to sign up and share the news with you!

It's a very uncertain time right now and I can't stop thinking about KIDS! Being creative and doing creative things is therapeutic. Encouraging the exploration of IMAGINATION instills HOPE and POSSIBILITY.

Trisha includes really wonderful downloads in her CAMP, so I jumped on my computer and created this FREE Download to join in the FUN. Click here to make a flying robot soar through space!

Here is the link to Trisha's Stop Motion Kid's Camp. You can send her an email or DM her through Instagram to get your ACCESS CODE to the camp.
Play and have fun with your amazing kiddos!
Sending you all love and hugs!

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