Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Muppets; Beaker, Swedish Chef & Animal

Watch this hilarious Christmas video from my fav "The Muppets!"
For me, The Muppets bring back so many wonderful memories of watching TV together as a family!
Click here to watch the video! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Happy American Thanksgiving" to all my wonderful friends and companies I work with!
Wishing you all safe travels and a joyous holiday together!!
(This is the November "Give" Angel from my Heaven on Earth 2012 calendar with Legacy)
Cheers Robin ox

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Open house weekend!

I held my annual Christmas Open house this weekend for my family and friends. We sold most of my 2010 Christmas pieces from Blossom Bucket, along with my Christmas mugs from Evergreen Enterprises, stationary from Legacy and flags from Toland Home and Garden.
I turn the front area of our home into a Christmas store for the weekend.
Snow Family - Mom, Dad and 4 Snow kids with "family"
carved in the scarves. One of my designs from Blossom Bucket.

My Snowman stocking holders!
Joy, Believe and Love
(Blossom Bucket)
I am so thrilled with the nativity set. It's beautiful!!
(Blossom Bucket)
I made this lodge Santa years ago. He's displayed on top of
our large wood cabinet.

I made this Snow Sleigh years ago too. He sits on our kitchen table.

Our family room is small so we use a tall slim Christmas tree. I used an antique sleigh under the tree to gain more height.
My hubby and I made 2 large birch arrangements for outside. One sits at the front door and the other is on our back porch. They look beautiful at night with the white lights wrapped amongst the branches. We hung large pinecones with lodge ribbon above the arrangements.

Our front porch was draped with real pine, large pinecones and lodge ribbon.
My Polar Peace mat from Evergreen Enterprises greets my guests.
Thank you to all my friends and family for a wonderful day!
We had so much fun!
Robin ox

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Open House Saturday

Well I have been busting my butt this week preparing for my Annual Christmas Open House. I'm almost ready, just some last minute tidying to do tomorrow. The entire front room of my home is filled with hundreds of pieces from my 2010 product lines. Many from my Resin figural lines with Blossom Bucket. I can't wait to show all my family and friends!
I promise to post more pictures tomorrow!
Keep Smiling!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Artist Gathering 2010!

I have returned from our Artist Gathering organized by my wonderfully talented BFF Dan DiPaolo! We met over the weekend in Milwaukee, WI. It was a weekend full of sharing and laughter! Our incredibly talented group met with Legacy Publishing and Sunset Vista Designs.
Both graciously presented their company info and took the time to meet with each of us individually. From there we all shared our portfolios, family pictures, licensing stories and online trials and tribulations! LOL
It was a weekend I will cherish forever!
Ned Young and I with his amazing children's book "Zoomer". Ned signed it especially for my son Connor. Zoomer's second book will be out spring 2011 and I can't wait for the special Christmas edition coming soon!
Ned has won a prestigious children's book illustration award and has a display in NY!
Shelly, Eric, Jamey, Joann Olds from Buffalo works, Raymond and Philip all enjoying dinner on Friday night!

Amy holding the beautiful salad from Friday night's dinner!

John Sloan and his wife Maryann, Ellen and Bill Stouffer, Shelly Reeves Smith, Sueellen Ross, Nita Showers, Eric Fausnacht, Rena Askey, Amy Faldet, Sherri Buck Baldwin, Yvonne Moroni, Ned and Melanie Young, Paula Joerling, Jamey Berger , Dan DiPaolo , Seth Roth, Darcey Roth, David Simmons , Angela Reinhardt and myself !
A great pic of Dan and Jamey's Farm. The latest addition is the 1840 log house which will be Dan's new studio.....and my new guest room! LOL!

Jamey feeding the chickens. One of the many animals that live on the farm.

Paula was ready to take this little kitty home with her. The farm had many friendly kitties running around....they were so happy to see us!

Our favorite dog Ruthie!! She keeps the property well protected! Whey ta go Ruthie!!

Heirloom turkeys waiting for the holidays.....well maybe not waiting!!

Paula, Dan and I striking a pose!!

aren't we fabulous???
Ok, what do 2 crazy ladies do when they see a 2 seater bike just sitting there???

They try to ride it!!!

Eventually we got going.....but seriously how do you turn around on these things???
It was so much fun! We laughed our heads off!!
Me and my sista Paula!!
Thank you again Dan and Jamey for a wonderful weekend!
See everyone in January in Atlanta!
Robin oxoxo

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!!!

Ta Daaaaaaa!!!
My adorbale hubby with this year's Giant Pumpkin! This shot was taken just after he finished carving for hours!! Way ta go hun!!! ox

Pumpkin in progress!!

Scott and Connor made this year's Headless Horseman costume!! It was incredible!! Connor looks like he is 6 ft tall, but look at his little legs! he he he Yes, that's me in my Halloween jammies and my crazy witch hat!!

Connor and his buddies just before trick or treating!! A wonderful night for sure!!!
I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!! Now, it's time to decorate for Christmas!! LOL!
Keep smiling! Robin

Zazzle Customer

Here's a great pic a customer sent me with one of my Zazzle Monster T-shirts!! Thanks for sharing Alison! Keep smiling! Robin