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FREE FOX PUPPET digital download by Robin Davis Studio

Enjoy this FREE FOX puppet download for you and your kids. Perfect for a Fox Birthday craft, a Fox room decor piece or help your child make a fun stop motion video using my whimsical Fox illustration. He is 2 sided and easy to create. Simply glue the edges, keeping the bottom of the head and foot area free from glue. Slip the body piece into the neck area and glue or leave unglued for stop motion movement. You can easily make his tail and legs moveable, using brads or string. This is a great way to make a stop motion video with your Fox.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FOX PUPPET (No email collecting required - for personal use only - all rights reserved - Copyright owned by Robin Davis Studio Ltd - Thank you)
Your FOX can also be a cake topper or shelf display. I have even had fans create several to make a FOX banner! Print, Create and Have fun! Love and hugs, Robin
PS: - head over to TRISHA ZEMPS - FREE STOP MOTION KIDS CAMP and let your kid's imagination soar! email Trisha to access…

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