Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Decorating 2014

love using vintage items outside to decorate | Robin Davis Studio

love Christmas - natural elements with vintage bike & 1950 TV | Robin Davis Studio

Old sleighs, edison lights & more - love Christmas | Robin Davis Studio

Christmas decor around the house and studio | Robin Davis Studio
Well the house is ready...inside and out! I love this time of year! Plus the snow has arrived, so it really is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" around here!
I love using vintage items inside and out....adding pine sprigs, lights and candles! 
Out from storage comes everything RED, my favorite color! Pillows, throws, mini long johns, ribbon everything to make my home ready! Christmas is truly about gathering with friends and family and we plan on doing that all through THE HOLIDAYS!
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!
The Davis Family Unit

Commissioned Robot Art Piece

Robot Art Piece |Robin Davis Studio

Robot Art Piece using vintage elements | Robin Davis Studio
I was asked a couple months ago to create one of my Robot Pieces for a very special Birthday Present.
Each is ONE of a KIND, no 2 the same. First I decide what I will use to house the sculpture. For this piece, I used an old sewing machine wooden drawer. It was the perfect size and shape. That way the client can sit the piece on a shelf or hang it on the wall.
The next process is using vintage papers to create the background. I usually ask for information about the client so I can add (or hide) special details within the background. Numbers, birthdays, special quotes etc.
Once the entire wooden drawer was treated and ready, I spent hours playing with all the vintage elements I love to use to make the Robot come to life! My favorite part is making the face. He must be sweet and every little metal piece I choose has to flow with the entire piece!
I really love how this Robot came out! He's one of my favs for sure!

If you are interested in a commissioned Robot Art Piece, please send us an email.
All the best, Robin

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas Photo - Throw back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday Photo | Robin Davis Studio | My sister & I
Here we are, my sister and I at Christmas. I'm pretty sure my Mom made these outfits too. I think my Dad was asking us to sing a song while he took the photo LOL!
Check out the easy bake oven under the tree. My sister & I loved that oven! I think we made every single packet of cakes before Christmas day was over! LOL
Cheers Robin

Friday, November 7, 2014

Is your CAT and/or DOG UNIQUE...A ONE of a KIND!

My Dog is UNIQUE! ART PRINT | Robin Davis Studio
My Dog is ONE of A KIND Art Print | Robin Davis Studio
My CAT is UNIQUE! Art Print | Robin Davis Studio
My CAT is ONE of a KIND | Art Print | Robin Davis Studio
 Having so much fun in the STUDIO these days! I created some cool backgrounds for these prints using images I took from the inside of an old computer! I really like how the texture and pattern turned out. For anyone that has a UNIQUE - ONE of a KIND CAT or DOG - these prints are for you!
Visit my ETSY SHOP to purchase a print or just to see more artwork I'm working on! Adding more illustrations everyday! Cheers Robin

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Photo

Throw Back Thursday - Al & I hanging out | Robin Davis Studio
Today's Throw Back Thursday photo is my sister Alison playing with Barbie and ME vacuuming! Clearly this is when I started my "dislike" of vacuuming...boy did I start early, LOL!
I'd rather play with Barbie! Have a fabulous day everyone! Robin

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A very special Christmas Keepsake for Children

Help make the Reindeer Fly - Add your child's name to Santa's Print | Robin Davis Studio
Make Santa's Reindeer Fly | Add your child's name | Robin Davis Studio | Etsy

It's no secret to my friends and family, how much I LOVE CHRISTMAS! As soon as Halloween is over, I begin decorating the house for CHRISTMAS! I want my son's memories of the holidays to be as magical as it was for my sister and I when we were young!
My son is a teenager now and I still make the house magical for him and for everyone that comes over!
Today I finished a watercolor painting of Santa and a baby Reindeer. It just feels very "sweet and kind" Santa. As I was working on it, I thought about the kids and how much we just want our little kids to feel the "Christmas Magic". To forget about this crazy world we live in and just have "HOPE and DREAMS and LOVE" all around them! I wish that for every child on earth!
If you would like to purchase this special exclusive print, head on over to my ETSY SHOP!
I'll add your very very special child's name to the print....let's all BELIEVE so we can make Santa's REINDEER FLY!! Hugs Robin OXOX