Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Throw Back Thursday photos of Al & I

Al & I first day of school | Robin Davis Studio
Al & I fishing at the cottage | Robin Davis Studio
Al & I in our matching outfits - Mom like to do this alot LOL | Robin Davis Studio
More pictures for my Throw back Thursday are being added to my Pinterest Board - all dedicated to photos of my Sister Alison and I when we were young! There's some pretty funny ones!
Stay tuned! hugs Robin

Happy Halloween Everyone!

My sister Al & I - we are the skunks LOL | Robin Davis Studio
Well it's the day before Halloween and my Throw Back Thursday photo is my sister Al and I in our SKUNK costumes for our figure skating classes....YUP, we are the SKUNKS! Hmmmm??? LOL
So I want to wish you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN tomorrow night!
Hugs Robin
Join my Throw Back Thursday Pinterest Board of Al & I - many more fun photos to come!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throw Back Thursday photos of my sister Al & I

My sister Al & I on Halloween 1972 | Robin Davis Studio
Al & I Halloween 1971 | Robin Davis Studio
my sister Al on Thanksgiving 1970/1971 | Robin Davis Studio
me at Thanksgiving dinner 1970/1971 | Robin Davis Studio
I've been having so much fun posting Throw back Thursday photos on Facebook. Pictures of my sister Alison and I when we were young! There are so many great pictures, mainly taken by my Dad who loved photography and playing with his camera. I've decided to add a board on Pinterest just dedicated to our vintage photos.....YIPES did I just refer to us as vintage?? Hmmmm, LMAF!
Cheers Robin
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VERY special Christmas prints from my heart!

The magic of Christmas print | Robin Davis Studio

The magic of Santa | Robin Davis Studio

The magic of Santa | Robin Davis Studio
Hi everyone! Christmas you say?? I know Halloween hasn't even come to pass but I've been busy preparing my special Christmas prints to add to my online SHOP! Because of shipping quotas, I wanted to start adding them now. There's more coming, so please check back in the SHOP often!
How do I explain just how Magical I think CHRISTMAS is...well I try to convey it through my art!
It comes from the heart, that's where CHRISTMAS is...where there is love, there is CHRISTMAS!

The Santa prints above are from my original watercolor paintings. This particular Santa looks a little like a Gnome, which I love! For the Santa holding the baby, the first painting I did had the baby sucking his/her thumb. Then I decided to do one just smiling! All my friends and family shared stories of their babies and how some did suck their thumbs and some didn't - everyone wanted me to add both prints to the I did!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Photography Pillows | Robin Davis Studio
This past weekend, while out with my sister shopping for her new couch I found these awesome Deer Pillows! I fell in love with them! Our home is filled with nature inspired decor and it's the perfect time of year to add some new accessories around your favourite rooms!
I love to decorate for the seasons. The easiest way to make changes is to change pillows, throws, candle colors and wall decor.
Now I hope these pillows will be safe come deer season! LOL!
If you'd like to add some unique photographic pillows to your room, check out Urban Barn.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Love decorating for the Holidays - Robin Davis Studio

Love using vintage items to decorate for Halloween/Fall | Robin Davis Studio

I use a mix of vintage items in our garden for Fall | Robin Davis Studio
As soon as the chill hits the air in September, we start planning for Fall and Christmas! I can't help it, it's absolutely my favorite time of year! I love to decorate the entire house, inside and out! I think we are ready for Fall....but I may still pick up a few more pumpkins and mums!
Love cooking squash & pumpkin soup, enjoying pumpkin coffee and making chilli on a cold day! YUM! APPLES too, it's that time to enjoy the juiciest, crunchiest apples! I think I've been eating 2 a day! So enjoy everyone! It's the most wonderful time of year! Hugs Robin