Monday, November 30, 2015

CYBER MONDAY COUPON - Robin Davis Studio

Cyber Monday Coupon - Robin Davis Studio
Hi everyone! Happy Cyber Monday Shopping! Enter coupon code - CYBERMONDAY2015  in my SHOP and receive 15% off any item/s today until midnight!
Cheers Robin

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Retro Robot with Vintage Television Body by Robin Davis Studio

Retro Robot Art Print - Robin Davis Studio
My latest Robot Design was so much fun to create. I call him TUNER! I used our retro 1950's television as his body. I photographed different elements around our home and in my studio to
create this unique robot.
The print is 11 x 14 inches.  I can add any special message within the TV or you
can simply enjoy the quote "you are one of a kind" totally up to you! He makes a perfect, one of a kind, personalized holiday gift for kids of all ages!
Happy Birthday messages could also be added for a unique robot birthday!
I like this robot on both backgrounds, so you can choose whichever one fits within your decor.
Retro Robot Art Print - Robin Davis Studio

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Unique Gift Card Holders by Robin Davis Studio

DIY Paper Robot Gift Holders - Robin Davis Studio
 You can create some fun and unique gift holders using my ROBOT PAPER DOLL PUPPET download. Simply create your ROBOT using my pdf instructions and then, flip his arms to use as a gift holder.
DIY Paper Robot Gift Holders - Robin Davis Studio
I think he makes an adorable candy cane holder or a perfect way to present a gift card to someone special. After, simply flip his arms back & place him in a stand for display or hang on the wall.
Have fun! Robin

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gifts for kids of ALL AGES!

Robin Davis Studio - Etsy Shop for kids of all ages!
Well the elves and I have been busy preparing the SHOP for CHRISTMAS! We have new unique designs arriving daily!
Most of my PRINTS can be personalized with please send us your order and the elves will get busy adding those special touches to each gift!
We've also added Robot Mouse Pads, Digital Download Paper Crafts, Giant Wall Puppets and the very popular trend in home decor, blueprint art...which I created in my robot designs!
I love creating characters that make people SMILE and bring out the kid in ALL of US!
Hugs Robin

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

LARGE ROBOT WALL PUPPETS perfect for any little boy's room!

Large Robot Wall Puppet Kit - Robin Davis Studio
Yaaaa! They are here! Finally! After a couple months of developing and experimenting with different papers and printing methods, I'm happy to unveil my NEW LARGE ROBOT KITS! I wanted these ROBOTS to be affordable, so creating a KIT was the perfect way to do that! He's so easy to put together and I include everything you need in the just need your own scissors to cut him out!
Large Robot Wall Puppet Kit - Robin Davis Studio
 I found several Robot Wall Decals or Robot wall stickers to decorate little boy's rooms but I was trying to come up with something a little different! My Robot is made of paper, printed on sturdy
100lb paper using archival inks. He is movable and poseable! So you can have fun creating a unique robot wall decor piece for your child's room or birthday party!

I've got lots more ideas coming from the studio, so stay tuned! More designs arriving in the SHOP!
Keep smiling! Robin

Friday, November 6, 2015

Robot Blueprints by Robin Davis Studio

Robot Blueprints - Robin Davis Studio

Robot Blueprints - Robin Davis Studio
A hot trend right now seems to be Blueprints or Patent Art, so I decided to do my own little twist on this trend by creating blueprints from my original Robot Art Pieces. I really like how they turned out. Adding some of my fun descriptive words of encouragement, I think these guys would be adorable for nursery room wall decor or any boys room wall art.
To see more, simply head on over to my SHOP here!
Cheers Robin