Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mixed Media Robots by Robin Davis Studio

Robots by Robin Davis Studio
 It's 10pm and I just took this photo in the studio of the 2 robots I've been working on for days. So let me introduce you to BLAZE and FLICKER. I pride myself in creating characters with heart. Each one must make viewers SMILE! That's my goal!
Working on my robot BLAZE - Robin Davis Studio
 For BLAZE, I used a vintage lamp piece for his head and an old mini tablet tin for his body. I decided he wouldn't have a sealed base to stand on, so if you pick him up and roll his caster feet around, it looks like he's dancing! I LOVE IT!
Working on this robot I named Flicker - Robin Davis Studio
FLICKER is made from a vintage stove oil can and retro lighter.

I'm having the time of my life in the studio right now!
BUT it's time for bed!
Good night friends!
I'll share more tomorrow!
Cheers Robin

Friday, July 8, 2016

Mixed Media Robots and Characters by Robin Davis Studio

Robots by Robin Davis Studio
One of my latest ROBOTS. His name is Jetson. Made from vintage elements like a retro carrot tin, old caster wheels and a vintage rusty fuel filter. I pride myself in creating a face that makes YOU SMILE! It's how I begin each's all in the face! The eyes & smile!

Retro Robots by Robin Davis Studio
To say I'm having "the time of my life" in the studio, is an understatement! All the little characters that have been in my head for decades are coming to life with a variety of vintage pieces that I've collected for YEARS!

Mixed Media Characters by Robin Davis Studio
My Steampunk Troll took a very long time to create. First his head was sculpted with paper clay. Once I had his expression figured out, I knew I wanted his body to be a variety of rusty tin pieces with a little vintage tweed and leather as accents. To top him off, he is adorned with 5 mini steampunk birds, each with their own tiny tophats!
Steampunk Art Sculpture - Troll - Robin Davis Studio
His name is Mr. Goodfellow.

All of these pieces and more will be at my next ART SHOW.