Created our Luggage Wall today!

Today after a year & a half of planning this project, my husband & I completed our Luggage Wall. 
Creating a Luggage wall for display | Robin Davis Studio
First we shopped several antique markets to find multiple vintage pieces of luggage.
I was looking for earthy colors and unique textures. We carefully measured the desired depth
 and began cutting each piece in half. Once my hubby had attached pieces of wood inside
for structure, we were ready to place them on the wall.
my blank wall ready for my luggage shelves we created | Robin Davis Studio
This section of wall going up our stairs is roughly 25 feet high. Perfect for a
UNIQUE wall decor statement.
adding the vintage luggage pieces one by one was so much fun | Robin Davis Studio
As each piece of luggage was attached, my hubby, son and I were getting more and more excited! It was transforming perfectly!
My finished vintage luggage wall hubby & I created | Robin Davis Studio
 I wanted to showcase pieces with a story. Pieces we've been collecting just for this wall.
Our complete vintage luggage wall displaying special items we've collected over the years | Robin Davis Studio
 Like a pair of cowboy boots my son wore when he was 1, a framed butterfly from Scott's Grandfather, A vintage toy marble gun, 3 ceramic eggs with pheasant feathers attached, an old lantern, a vintage camera, water sprinkler and more!
 I'm also looking forward to displaying special Christmas items on these shelves for the holidays!
Well done my boys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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