Unique Charging Station made with a Vintage Desk

Unique Charging Station - Robin Davis Studio
 Today I decided to set up a new CHARGING STATION in our family room. Our previous station in this location was a small open wooden shelving unit, but it was beginning to look "junky". We are overwhelmed with cords and plug ins from all the different phones, tablets, Ipads and laptops within our family unit. I'm sure most of you can relate...every time we turn around a new device has entered the building, YIPES!
Our home is a mix of new and vintage pieces, many with an industrial feel. I had purchased this wonderful vintage desk last year at a thrift shop for $45. It has real personality, with names carved into the wooden top and aged metal legs.
Vintage Desk used for Charging Station - Robin Davis Studio
The inside of this desk was the perfect size to create a charging station. I used a long black power bar and pulled the cord threw the hole in the top of the desk. All vintage school desks had this hole in the top right corner to hold an ink bottle. Kids would dip their pens into the ink and learn how to write the alphabet, patiently writing rows and rows of letters.
I love having pieces like this desk in our home. It tells a story of days gone by and it's kinda ironic that I'm using it for a place to store and charge devices, devices that will eventually be the reason our kids loose the art of "Handwriting"...I better save that blog post for another day, LOL!
I used 2 wooden white wash shallow trays inside the desk to hold all the different plugs and cords. The white makes them easy to see. Now everyone can lift the lid, plug in their device and close the lid, easy peasy and no more clutter!
Plus we now have the bonus of an extra place to sit and type OR write a letter to someone special! As MARTHA would say "It's a GOOD THING"
Cheers ROBIN

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