I am Proud to be called an ARTIST by Robin Davis Studio

I am proud to be called an ARTIST by Robin Davis Studio

In this creative journey I've been on for many, many years, I've come to learn that making a decision based on money will never work out for me! It really is a hard lesson to learn and even harder to change your thought patterns to conquer this way of thinking. But, many of us were raised this way. Our choices were made based on the financial side of things. Of course, we have to pay the bills and put a roof over our heads but why can't it be doing the things you love! I believe it can!
Any creative project I've taken over the years that didn't feel right to me, never worked out and certainly didn't pay the bills like I thought it would. Obviously, I gave the art the wrong energy from the beginning. I had already put it out into the universe that this wasn't really what I wanted to create and boy did the universe show me I was right!
I should have listened to my gut!

A year ago I took a huge LEAP of FAITH and stopped everything I was doing to start creating the ART pieces I had, had in my head for years! Robots and Characters that were made from old world objects. Vintage, Rusty metals would jump out at me and immediately I would see faces of characters I wanted to make!
Do I know where these creations are going to take me? No, not really, but I do know that "SOMETHING WONDERFUL is about TO HAPPEN" and this is my mantra that I recite every single day when doubt and fear flood in. I stop and say it out loud and when things seem to be going in the wrong direction....I don't get discouraged...I GET SMARTER! I think of different ways to create the ART I love and provide my family with the LIFE we want to LIVE!


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