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Labryrinth VHS booklet - RDS
Labryrinth VHS booklet - RDS
Labryrinth VHS booklet - RDS
Labryrinth VHS booklet - RDS
I wanted to share a wonderful gift I received from my new creative friend Jesse. Last summer he started working on a notebook series made from original VHS tape covers. It was his love for all things 80's that led him down this creative path. 
I met Jesse when he purchased one of my robot sculptures at The One of a Kind Show in Toronto. 
Meet Garrick, made from a vintage smoking tin.
Found Object Robots by Robin Davis Studio

Jesse, like so many of us, loves and appreciates a retro look and time full of great memories! He made me a Labyrinth notebook, which includes a bookmark made from the spine of the VHS cover! Brilliant! There's something magical about the fact that it's an original cover and takes me back to a time when I remember playing this VHS tape over and over again! Mesmerized by it's creativity and genius of Jim Henson.
Jesse also made me a copper bracelet with The Breakfast Club quote. 2 movies from my Favourite 80's list! 
Follow Jesse on Instagram @rusticmodernist he is currently working on his new passion and you can message him with any questions and requests.
Cheers Robin

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