How did the number three become so important to me - Robin Davis Studio

Tiny Retro Styled Robots by Robin Davis Studio
 Since the day my son was born, I've always incorporated the number three in most of my creations. 
Miniature Retro Robots by Robin Davis Studio
 It's us, my family, the three Musketeers. Even within my tattoos, I have three things hidden that represent us.
My Minibots by Robin Davis Studio
Our son was a true miracle. Born a tiny preemie after a very difficult pregnancy, which we realized would be our one and only. This little miracle made us a "THREE". 
Now 18 years later and I still create with the importance of three.  It's the number that means, "all", it has a beginning, middle and end. The power of three, past, present and future. Body, soul and spirit.
In fairytales, three is often the magical number.
I guess it's no surprise, that Pocket, my very first Minibot has a family of THREE.

I've had a wonderful year full of magic and discovery within my studio. Lots of soul searching regarding my creative career. What is my message? What meaning do I want my characters and creations to convey? What path are they taking me on?
Well stay tuned, because I promise there are very exciting things coming from the studio. Am I scared? You betcha! But that's what artists strive for. We can't get comfortable, we must keep exploring and learning new techniques. We must step in worlds we aren't familiar with in order to become the artists we are meant to be.
It's about finding your voice and in turn, finding YOU!

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